Hinsdale Central Boosters – Sweatshirt Design Contest – Entries Due 11/15


Announcing a Hinsdale Central HS Sweatshirt design Contest – sponsored by the Hinsdale Central Boosters Club.

HCHS Boosters are organizing a contest where the students create/design a commemorative sweatshirt of the 2020-2021 school year to be sold by the Booster Club.  Then later this fall there will be sale days where sweatshirts will be sold by students and volunteers at the school.

The rules are simple:

Using 4 colors or less, create a design that speaks to the experience of being a HCHS student in the year 2020.  Think Zoom, Covid, sports, learning from home… all your experiences from this year.

The submitted designs will be displayed and voted on by a group of your peers.

The winning designer (s) will get 2 prizes:

1 – a FREE sweatshirt that was created by you – the WINNER/DESIGNER

2 – an amount of the proceeds will go to the HCHS team or club of your choice (your club, team, or your class prom account)

Designs are due by Sunday the 15th of November.  Submit designs here (link works from student account).

Be creative! Have fun! Questions? Contact: mbfischer74@gmail.com