D86 Referendum is Tuesday

HCPTO AdminNews

Election Day is finally here.  Many Hinsdale Central and South students will be exercising their most important civic right and responsibility for the first time this Tuesday November 6th .  The PTO reminds you that the D86 Referendum will be on the ballot and encourages everyone to exercise their right to vote.

Many hours of effort have gone into making the facts about the referendum available to all voters.  Please take a moment to visit the Referendum Information Page at https://d86.hinsdale86.org/domain/409

If you missed the online “Webinar” conducted by Dr. Law, here is a video of it.   We highly recommend you take the time to watch it fully. The video is embedded below. If you cannot view it on your device, you can view it online at: November 2018 Referendum webinar from SD86 School Board